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Parents are advised to submit applications early to ensure a seat for their child(ren), for our Foundation Class and Secondary grades.

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About Us

We have designed proper life coaching activities and sessions for our students to learn about personality development and self-growth.

We are more focused on your child’s mental development, our team of expert counsellors will be helping students with life-skill development which is the most important yet most overlooked aspect. However, we are paying special attention to this area.

We will be offering career counselling, self-grooming, confidence building sessions specially designed for students.

Some the highlights of our skill development programs include these areas of expertise. Our career coaches will help your child with emotional and professional development.

Our vision

We have a unique strategy to help your child learn in a nurturing environment with Islamic core value system. We have designed a holistic approach to academic opportunities with special attention to skill development and leadership skill encouragement.

We work on student’s individuality as we believe every student is unique and requires special attention and support to carve out the best prospects.

The modern world has modern problems which require an effective and immediate solution, our educational experts have designed very well balanced Islamic educational programs to make sure our students get a good understanding of religious beliefs and practices. This will help them be a productive part of the Muslim Ummah.

Our Programs


It is specially designed 1 year program, which starts from the age of 4 years and cover all basic concepts equivalent to 3 years Montessori. We use this golden period to empower our students by providing them with rich experiences to explore


We offer Sindh Board Matriculation at SUFRA Schooling Student. After the Final term tests in Key stage 3 (grade VIl), students may choose the Matriculation stream. Our counselling and character education framework complements our broad and balanced course work.

Hifz Section

Hifz is optional at SUFRA Schooling School. The characteristics developed in children through foundation classes prepares children for effective Hifz. During Hifz children are encouraged to continue the academics at a slower pace.

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