KEY STAGE 1 & 2 (Grade 1 to 6)

About Program

Every day, our approach to learning evolves; modern and innovative techniques are used to educate students. These techniques boost self-esteem, competence, and proficiency.

Key stage 1 & 2 includes grades I through VI, with boys and girls separated beginning in grade IV.


Tarbiyah class
Tajweed & Quran class


Teachers systematically monitor students’ academic progress through close observation as well as assessment of class work, quizzes, tests, oral assessments, projects and examination. The marks test system is designed to make it easy for students and parents to reflect on their child’s progress and set future goals

Parent’s & Teacher’s Training

We place a high value on teacher’s training and development. We keep parents involved by holding multiple workshops to guide and enable them to teach and train their children, thereby resonating the school’s positive impact.

Days & Timings:

Monday to Thursday (8:00 am to 3:00 pm)